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It's Halloween! Let's look at Jewish lore and legends

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Halloween is particularly a tense time for the Christian community. I have my own ideas of whether and how we should celebrate outline in one of my most shared posts here:

Instead of engaging the old debate again, I want to shake things up by instead offering some intro education on an ancient spooky subject: Jewish lore and legend.

There are many different legends in ancient Jewish culture that surface in the Scripture, but without any education in this area, they go right past us as we read allusions to them.

Leviathan - Biblical Sea Monster, embodiment of chaos who was subdued by Baal in other myths, but subdued by God Almighty in Scripture. Often, we can see parallel stories and psalms from pagan literature and the Bible. This does not discredit the Bible, but is an example of how it's authors used a "my God is better than your god" format to relay truths.

Lilith - a demon, thought to be Adams first wife, who causes miscarriage's and preys on the lives of children.

The Evil Eye - a powerful force of jealousy that can hex a person with a look.

If Jewish legend is a more interestingly spooky topic than say, ghost stories and horror films (#ew), check the posts and stories for more explanation this moth. Happy Haunti...err, I mean learning!

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