Do you scroll facebook or watch tv, more than you look into your children's eyes?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I have been up since 5 am this morning. I don’t have a “job”, in the sense that I don’t clock in anywhere. None the less, time is a gift, and I have to be a better steward of it.

The thought of time has been on my mind since I saw a reflection of myself within another woman recently. I didn’t like what I saw.

She was in a community church choir.






While she was singing.


Her thumb was moving too fast for her to be using it to look up the words; plus she put it up mid-song.

For a moment I pulled my judgment pants high up to my neck and tightened my “better-than-her” belt inward one notch. But then my day flashed before my eyes.

“Mom, enough screen time! Come jump on the trampoline with me…Mom, who are you texting? I want juice. Mom, MOM!”

There was a time when I said, “Hey kid, you can’t be the center of my attention all the time. Mommy needs a moment to work or to text here and there.” That is so true — he needs to learn not to be so quick to interrupt a conversation or something I need to concentrate on.

But often times, Mommy is just scrolling.

I quit my teaching job for this- to raise my kids. Some moments I am so overwhelmed I hide behind my phone and don’t rise up for air unless someone is jumping up and down. That is a fault of my attitude and misused time. A better prioritization of time would fix that overwhelming, sinking feeling that seeks out distraction. I place things out in my house to foster growth and quality time.

Oppositely, I put things away that aren’t healthy for me. The chips stay stowed away in a box, while the oranges and apples sit beautifully in a crystal bowl that invites us to bite.

My phone is kind of like a bag of chips. I can’t take just one peek at a Facebook comment or like. I have to graze a little. That time adds up like unwanted calories.

So many little moments in my day my sons should not have to compete for, are divided between nodding to my son’s requests and looking at some sort of screen.

When I think of the perfect day, I imagine several different events / habits happening. A time of prayer, and a time of reading, creating, time to play with my boys, have a conversation with my husband, and to do something nice for someone that needs a hand.

Nowhere do I fantasize about the funniest meme that made me laugh while my kids were playing without me.

There is merit to Facebook done right. Honestly, it is heart warming to see a post of mine was liked, appreciated, and even shared. The happiness impact is much larger when I see 15 notifications at a one or three FB visits daily, rather than being interrupted by my obsession to check it every hour (or less honestly). Scrolling too often is swiping left to things in my life that really contribute to my joy.

This early morning hour will not be easily stolen by distraction. Facebook fix before the kids rise if I must, but that bag of chips might have to live out of sight for a while until I can control the craving to scroll.

Maybe I could even leave the Bible open on my counter when I need an “update”.

Praise God for this precious time in your life. Whatever stage you are at, someone needs your undivided attention.

I pray we can steward well.

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