Complaining vs. The Work of the Holy Spirit

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Some reasons why I wrote The Complainer’s Journal
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People are not purposely working against you; they are usually just carelessly interested in themselves.

The Holy Spirit gives us genuine love to be supportive encouragers and defenders for other people, and pushes away self-centered agendas.

I wrote the Complainer’s Journal with a few goals in mind:

  • To offer tips on how to be at peace with things in your past. Healing enables you to drop those protective measures of being critical or complaining non-constructively.

  • To tackle bad situations with an attitude of power from Christ.

  • To grow your faith in God’s goodness, even when you are unhappy.

  • To encourage forgiveness and patience within relationships.

  • To obey God in stewarding over the the reputations of other people by repenting of the sin of gossip.

Within our blood families and our church families, there are so many opportunities to bear one another’s burdens and speak lovingly. Too often, we fail. I don’t think it is because we purposely intend to ignore or harm the people in our lives. How can we call ourselves Christians if our motives are sour? We are simply living for ourselves, disinterested in other’s perceptions, feelings, or problems. We don’t even know when we miss the opportunity to build someone up because we aren’t looking for it. We focus on if we are full, comfortable, and if the people around us think highly of us (or least not as lowly as the people we don’t respect).

Sometimes I have conversations with people that make me ask myself, What is holding them back from love? Especially folks who have been Christians for decades. How many people have tushes that routinely, religiously, warm up pews — cushions to spines that prop up self- serving hearts? Think of the long-time church member who lets brand new visitors know, “Excuse Me, you are in my pew spot — see I leave my Bible here — can you scoot over some?”

The Complainer’s Journal is about being sensitive to the needs of other people; aware of how our words serve to heal or create more wounds. It is also about applying wisdom to disappointing situations in your life, and trusting God’s goodness through those learning and growing times. The Holy Spirit is waiting to give wisdom to anyone who asks. Wisdom within your Christian walk will give you peace. You can make peace with who you live with, and how you live.

Jesus never said life would be gentle all the time, but He did say,

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” -John 14:27 (NIV)

Do not be troubled by things people did to hurt you in the past. Do not be afraid of relationships that might blossom if you begin serve other people in love. Don’t be troubled by hard times or be afraid to ask God to guide your life. He is working all things for your good. While the world works to satisfy its cravings, God is for you, for your good.

Let’s cease our grumbling about decidedly annoying people and gloomy possibilities. Be filled with grateful praise for God’s shepherding love over us all.

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