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Christian Education In The Home

is not just for homeschoolers

The past few weeks I have been working on more targeted content online, and I am working to make the blog reflect those topics. This month I am focusing on Christian education in the home. It's not just for homeschoolers! And it's not a rigid schedule that you have to figure out.

In my home, education is tied to certain anchors. We have materials we use when we eat, prayers and books we read at bed time, shows we watch for entertainment. All those arrows can hit the targets of Christian education.

Why is it so important to incorporate it into the home, especially if your kids go to a Christian school or Sunday school?


The factor is you. You are the model of what you value. By seeing you work at memorization, taking time to read scriptures, making conversations about grace and sin, they see you as involved in a faith that is valuable to you. You can't expect them to take your faith seriously if you don't.

If you are new to this, the best way to start is to choose one time each day to focus on presenting Biblical material to the kids. This doesn't have to be some awkward reworking of youth group circa 1999. It's just a natural sharing of books, praying prayers, and talking things out. You can do this with:

Family Bible's study time

Watching animated Bible Stories

Following Church materials on fb - online Sunday school enhancers and lessons

Bible Story time at night

Bible coloring pages

Nighttime prayers

Mealtime devotionals for the family

Prayer/Bible topic cards at the table or for study time

Any of these or a combo of are a great start to making faith and biblical education central to your family culture.

I will be sharing resources on my IG page, but I am excited to share that I have added to the pool with my new book, Table Salt. It's family mealtime devotional that you can find an Amazon.

Come join me on IG and add to the conovos about Biblical education in the home - @theologyandfamily

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