Changing...have you noticed?

If you have, thank you! You are a faithful reader and a treasured part of my online community.

The past few blogs I have offered were tinged with a bit of angst. What to do? I had worried often about what to do with this space, my IG space, my skills, passions. I knew I wanted to write, but I also knew to have an audience, I needed to be an "expert". Psuedo-expertisim is such a turn off for me. I am an expert in some areas...but they are the ones involving healing past traumas and setting boundaries. I don't want to share those stories, nor do I I feel I have the complete liberty, as those take several parties to party. Instead of sharing my experiences, I offered blogs, posts, and pdfs, but to what credibility if I can't share those hard earned badges? So, without bringing on the tissues and dripping my mascara over my live feeds, I didn't know how else to be an "expert".

For the last while, I have heard an inner voice say, "Go all in, or be quiet". More specifically, my word for the year is "listen".

So I decided to go all in, meaning rebranding and actually doing the work of becoming an expert. I already have a degree in education, so I believe the book and blog contributions toward time spend with children are on point.

But I live and breath, and move, in Jesus. He is my bread. How can I leave Him out? I feel this heavy burden to know what I and whom I am speaking of for sure, to put in the work. What is a blog post or a book about Jesus, besides a written sermon anyway? I needed accountably, credibility. Few should teach. If I am going to be one of those few, I and I don't think I will ever want to stop writing about Jesus, I want to know that I KNOW what is orthodox and solid, so I can be that safe source for you. Always, measure my words, and everything you hear from anyone against the counsel of Spirit filled family and friends and study in the Bible.

All that said, I sliding into this new niche and community of forward-looking individuals, people who are most certainly going against the tide of expectation.

I am homeschooling and working on my graduate degree at the same time.

Did you read that?

I am homeschooling and working on my graduate degree at. the. same. time.

It's true! I say that with so much expectancy and...terror. I am looking to start my Master's of Arts in Theology this summer (2021).

I may fail. I find I am over my head. But I don't see myself ever stopping learning about Jesus, and this feels like the most natural and necessary step in order for me to fill up with quality insights and pour them out on the blog for you.

Particularly in a time when many parents are working from home, I hope my starts and stops shared here will benefit many people, who like me, either choose to home educate for a while (I will let them go back if they want to) or have had to begin working and educating from home (2020).

In the future, you will see hacks as I try and test them, concerning herding the cat's, (kids) into a routine formation that is freeing instead of formidable. That's the family part.

I will most certainly use this space as an outlet to chew on new tidbits that learn in graduate school and invite you into the processing. That's the theology part.

My hope is that this will turn into a place of solid Bible study, perhaps a source for curriculum in the future. I hope for collaborations in writing for Christian publications, and maybe I will even publish a few more books myself. For now, I am focusing on attaining the knowledge and how to maintain order and progress in my home/ homeschool. The freedom of being able to do both is lovely and I am so thankful for being able to map my own days and share that lifestyle with you. It takes discipline, and I am sure there will be plenty of nights I want to pull my hair out... reminds me of the days I was site creating and publishing books as a rookie rocky start. *Smiles*

Thanks for supporting amberlinbooks. In doing so, you've supported much more than myself, in the collaborative efforts God has invited me into (check my about me for those projects).

I love you! I hope to serve you well in this next year and beyond. Say a little prayer for me, please!

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