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Relationship Workbooks

Posting Like Paul


Posting like Paul is a mini-study on using our social media accounts to glorify God, and how to identify and move away from posts that divide or insult others. 


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Problem People Workpages

In the Complainer’s Journal, I cover relationships and how the key to stop complaining about other people is to begin to help bear their burdens. It’s hard to hate someone you understand and relate to.


The cover page to this document is one of the Problem People WorkpagesThe cover page to this document, coloring pages from The Complainer’s Workbook, as well as the questions and chart. Use them to work out forgiveness within your attitude towards another person, and really ponder and pray over how God leads you to appropriately relate to and show love to this person. Keep in mind that these prompts are for the everyday disagreeable people in your life. If you are in any abusive relationships, please seek out wise counsel; forgiveness is always commanded, but in abusive relationships reconciling may look different for your safety.



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