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Salt and Pepper

A family mealtime devotional that is bite sized for littles, but meaty enough for parents! A love for historical and cultural tid-bits that add multi faceted meaning, plus memory verses appropriate for both parents and children set this devotional apart from others.

Within are cherished scripture memory opportunities for both parents and children to meditate on during the week. Cultural and literary insights on familiar passages expand Biblical knowledge in application, context, literacy, and history. Opportunities to model proper conversation and conflict resolution, as well as teaching families to guard against gossip are a valuable inclusion in the lessons.


Short, occasional and easy table side activities help commit verses to memory, enhance understanding, and make sweet memories.


This study was made with both the parent and child in mind, to using the best methods of lesson delivery and thoughtful passages to set the tone for the day, or wrap it up with wisdom and grace. All members of the family will find value in adding this resource to family meals.



  If you are looking for a month long study to enrich your family time at the table, this is a great addition to your study rotation.