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The Story that started that them all...

I (Amberlin) have 2 sweet boys, and the older one had terrible acid reflux as an infant. So bad, I left my 5th grade English/Social Studies classroom to make sure his protocol was carried out exactly. ( After every meal – he had to sit up for 30-60 mins.) That time was spent weaving stories on our country porch swing. I made up a story that he kept asking me to retell, so I created a consistent plot and catch phrases – kids love repetition. After a while, he was reciting it around the house!


I used what I had around and made a binder that we filled with stickers and paintings to illustrate our story, A Dark Woodsy Walk . That soon fell apart! I decided to take him outside dressed as the main character and we did a photo shoot to illustrate the plot line. I printed those pics and made collages with them out of things my son picked up around the yard – arrowheads, rocks, pine cones, leaves ( or “leafeves” as he said). I made a book out of a photo album. Then I got curious about self publishing. I worked with the Amazon platform and we created even more books together.

A Dark Woodsy Walk.jpg

The growth in turning limitations into opportunity lead to me writing my adult self-help book, The Complainer’s Journal. As our mother son books evolved, so did my attitude about growth, empowerment, learning processes, and success. My heart changed as we were doing something lasting that he could pass down to his kids – I was finally living out my values! The new maturity/growth I gleaned from playing and working with my boy was pressing out my greatest weakness – complaining. I set out to write a book to myself; a sermon/pep-talk based on what life has taught me and what scripture teaches about the heart and speech. So many people have reached out to me and said they can relate!


Now my aim is to spread messages of good stewardship, dignity, repentance, compassion, and sharing how to create an atmosphere of comfort and curiosity in the Christian home. Theology and family; in this next season of graduate school, I hope to share my fails and wins at routine and patience in the process of my education and my children's. Any of these children's books would be a sweet addition to your shelf. Check the descriptions so see sticks with the culture in your home. Keep checking in with me! DM me on IG or FB messenger if you would like to have me share my story and message with your audience as well. 

A Dark Woodsy Walk.jpg


A spooky, sweet story about noises in the woods. Follow our brave "little man" on his hunting trip where he investigates a suspicious sound. 


Collect the Clouds.jpg



A collection of original sky photos over a country pond in Georgia, set to a children's poem. You and your child will feel close to the countryside as you take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy this short story poem. 




A story about family and fishing told through pictures of nature and colorful collages. Catawba catches fish for a fry.




A secret Christmas play put on by a group of lively toys. Rhyme with a break of paraphrased Bible excerpts beside photos of toys at play. 


"Children’s books by @amberlinbooks are not like other children’s books. They are homemade/handmade books that a real four-year-old had his real smudgy and sweet hands on. Amberlin created these books with her son. They are her first works of self-publishing, as she lived out one of her favorite messages: Use what you have in your hands as well as you can!

With her old, cheap phone (but some real quality time), Amberlin and her son wrote and made the art for these books. They are filled with love and themes common to country life with little boys. Naturally, as an educator, Amberlin has ended many of her books with guided questions for deeper parent-child bonding and teachable moments.

For a fun animal sounds book with repetition and suspense, read A Dark Woodsy Walk. For a story about fishing, family, and faith, read Catawba. For a poetry Bible study on thesky, read Can You Collect The Clouds; the sunset pictures from this book are taken from the daily rides of the author and her sons around their GA pond. For a sweet Christ-centered Christmas story, read The Toys Tell The Story." 


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